Louis Clark


Louis Clark is a graduate of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (RBC) which is located within Birmingham City University (RCU). This is one of the world’s foremost artistic educational institutions with a choice group of 1,200 students in their music school, drama school, and studies pertaining to its concert venue in Birmingham, England.

After graduating from the RBC Louis began arranging and conducting for various orchestral and musical groups. In 1990, he was invited by his esteemed father Louis Clark Sr., who was world renowned as the arranger for Electric Light Orchestra, to begin working with him as a copyist and assistant arranger for his father’s newest group Electric Light Orchestra Part II. This work then morphed into doing that same work 10+ years later in 2001 with THE ORCHESTRA.

In early 2015 Louis began working with THE ORCHESTRA on live shows around the world as a conductor, guitarist, string player, and keyboardist. His first tour with the band covered North and South America as well as Europe.

In 2018, Louis was offered full membership in THE ORCHESTRA. He is now responsible for several roles in the band and is one of the most versatile on-stage performers in the group. Louis enjoys letting loose on his electric cello, especially during the rockier songs. He can also be seen and heard on acoustic and electric guitar at each show and occasionally performing 2nd violin alongside Mik Kaminski. Since the passing of his Father in early 2021, Louis is now the group’s sole arranger and orchestral conductor.

As an arranger Louis has worked with many artists in The United Kingdom. He works regularly with the Leap Ensemble of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. As an example of one of his awards, Louis won the Andrew Downes Composers’ Competition in 2014 with his orchestral composition “The Dudley Bug.” Louis has also had his original music featured in the film The Last Projectionist which is a 2015 film by Tom Lawes. Like his Dad he is an English Premier League football fan and Beatles fanatic.

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